5 reasons to choose oxygen jungle villas for your honeymoon in Uvita

5 reasons to choose oxygen jungle villas for your honeymoon in Uvita

Broadly, we see two types of couples around, those who love to be adventurous and challenging and those who are nature loving, if each partner is of one type then it’s more interesting because then you get a chance to experience both in your years ahead. The place you choose for your honeymoon has to be perfect. This article addresses the both the types of couples. Costa Rica is quite famous for its beauty and amazing sights. In Costa Ballena, there is a small town called Uvita famous for its dark lavish and picturesque beaches. It has quite a number of small resorts and hotels, oxygen jungle villas are one of those amazing destinations you would like to live your love there. You won’t find 100 room hotels in Uvita although it has been developing at a pace the small resorts and villas have a sense of coziness about them. Following are the 5 reasons why;


Privacy and romance:

On your honeymoon you would definitely not like children bustling, screaming and splashing pool water on each other, Considering just that these villas are for adults only. Since there are 12 villas, each surrounded by jungle or ocean you can have utmost privacy, sit and enjoy the view from the sofa outside.


Pool and swim:

The infinity pool is the best part of the oxygen jungle villas, there are toucans flying up your head, view of the jungle, Marino Bellena National Park and whale tail. Overall infinity pool is the best place in whole property to snuggle and enjoy the magnificent view. Even the architecture is inspired by Balinese.






There is an on-site waterfall on the 5-acre property of oxygen jungle villas, to get there you just have to hike down a little. The waterfall is so that you can get a good dip there and with just 12 villas the probability that you’ll find it all to yourself is quite high.







Ambiance and surrounding

Costa Rica being an undeveloped tourist attraction is blessed with wonders of nature. You won’t find lines bars and clubs with loud music. Infact it is so quiet and peaceful that you can hear the sounds of trees, animals in jungle, chirping of the birds around you as these villas are situated on the mountain it is quite a view.



All couples love adventure and thrill on their honeymoon, something that is memorable and exciting. Uvita is blessed with such natural beauty and attraction that there are many activities one can engage into such as the national park, snorkeling and whale watching. These can be amazing experiences.


If noticed these villas are a complete package offering you a little of everything on your dreamy honeymoon. From beautiful sights and feels of mother nature to great pieces of Bellena architectures around in the infinity pool, waterfall and many other activities. Moreover, these villas are quite reasonable as compared to others that take $250 for a single night, except for the food, the food here might cost you little more so go prepared.

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