The tourist attractions in the under rated country Romania

The tourist attractions in the under rated country Romania

Romania is a place of different attractions and contrasts and is quite often neglected. It is present in Balkan Peninsula and named by Romans whereas the former Soviet Bloc was formed by Romans, Hungarians and Ottoman. Romania is a mixture of country side and old towns and this is guide that will tell you a little about the best tourist attractions in the country. Moreover, it is said that the fictional character Vampire Dracula belong to Transylvania in Romania.


Some of the beautiful and important Landmarks are discussed below.


Danube Delta:

Europe’s second largest river Danube Delta which was formerly a part of Black Sea has it’s major part in Romania. The river is home to various kinds of plants and animal species and the view of sunset and sunrise is really enjoyable and soothing. A slow boat ride on the river will be a plus on your trip.



Mamaia is a small but an amazing resort at the seaside of Black Sea. It is built on white sand beaches where people who love white sand beaches can come for sun-bathing and having a peaceful day by the seaside. It also has a water park mainly for children though and for adults there is a facility of wind surfing academy where they can learn surfing lessons.



It is known as the unofficial capital of the Transylvania  because the country’s largest university is present here. Being home to Roman colonisation the city is filled with Roman arts and cultural centres, National Museum of Art has a lot of work from Romanian artists. There is statue of Hungarian King because great majority of population  is Hungarian and the city has tallest church tower of the St. Michael’s church that was built in 14th century.




Bucharest is a combination of old and new. In the same block you’ll find a old  historical build, modern high buildings and even a Communist-style building. It has the largest Parliament building that contains 12 stories and 3100 rooms. The town centre of Bucharest is quite famous because of its cobblestone streets, medieval churches  and old buildings.



Build around a monastery Sinaia is a mountain resort town. It is one of its kind and has a beautiful sight. Tourist hike to here in summer where as in winter it could be a good place for skiing.  The monastery has the copy of first bible that was written in Romanian. The town is covered with beautiful flowers and it is forbidden to pluck them. Peles Castle is near to this place and King Charles 1’s summer home.


 Monasteries of Bucovina

Painted monasteries of Bucovina attracts a lot of tourist from around the world. The walls tell the story of 15th and 16th century with the pictures of saints, prophets, angel , demons , heaven and hell.  Even images from the life of Jesus are painted here.



Present in the region of Transylvania, Sibiu was once a part of Hungary. It is believed to be the region of vampires and Draculas but don’t worry you won’t come across any in these days. The oldest museum of the world is present in Brukenthal Palace. Also there is Grand Square that was built in 15th century and has been in use since then.



Sighisoara is one of the most beautiful places in Romania and is a must visit. Here, king of Hungary invited German craftsmen and merchants to settle down as well as defend the frontier. During their stay they build a trading town and the visitors who come to citadel can see it and can also enjoy the medieval  festival that takes place every July.

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