Experience Antique: Trip to Seco Island

Experience Antique: Trip to Seco Island

Are you enchanted by the idea of spending your vacation amidst clean, blue and green waters on an elbow-shaped island? In the province of Antique in Philippines there is an amazing island namely, Seco-Island. Seco means ‘elbow’ and was named after Kinaray. It is a 1.5 kilometers of beach filled with white sand and surrounded by fresh blue water. However, getting to this island is not an easy task, there are no direct flights to the province of Antique, two cities that get you to Antique are Iloilo City and Caticlan also Seco-Island is about 38.8 kilometers or 21 nautical miles away from the shores of Tibiao and one can go from Tibiao to Seco-island in a boat in approximately 2.5 hours.

It may look or feel tough but the sight and place is truly worth it. Not only after reaching the place but the boat ride makes you experience some ecstatic peaceful sights that will be engraved in your memory forever. Whoever goes to Philippines for the holiday shouldn’t ever come back without a trip to Seco-island in the province of Antique whose capital is San Jose.

For those who love flying kites Seco-Island is a plus, why? Because Seco-Island is blessed with strong winds and flat waters which makes it favorable for this sport, people swim too but kite-flying is more preferred in a place like this. Another amazing fact about Seco-Island is that you won’t even know and see that it is near even though it is because it has flat land and it is only because of the trees that one can make out the existence of land in that area.

Presence of corals, hundreds of meters from the shore makes it quite difficult to dock the boat and those who decide on swimming to the shore should ask guidance about the exact distance and ocean current.

There are quite a number of activities that you can do on Seco-Island for istance snorkeling and swimming but the presence of carols for such long lengths from the shore makes it a little less interesting. Seco-Island is the best place for those who are looking for some peaceful experience and for those who are fond of white sand beaches as the white sand on Seco-Island is the major sight and will make you fall in love with the white sand beaches (note: you can take amazing photographs). Kite surfing on Seco-Island will however make your day and leave you in awe.

Seco-Island is undoubtedly the most beautiful island in the province of Antique. You should book tour packages if you want everything like boating, snorkeling and kite surfing etc to be covered in one package and would just like to head off to the island for a quiet and blissful day without having to worry about tickets, bookings or anything else.

Those who love a day on beach with nothing but sun and sand and a quite peaceful surrounding Seco-Island is your place.

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