See the world without any limits through travelling

See the world without any limits through travelling

Travelling is just not about spending your vacations in fancy hotels through but it is so much more. Travelling scratches curiosity in you it makes you realize that in this big world there is much more to life than just a proper job and routine. Travelling turns you into an adventurous person who is excited even by the idea of exploring a new place whether alone or with someone.


People need to learn that with a good imagination you can imagine the world shown from the eye of TV series and Books but experiencing it in real is totally different, it widens your mind and take your imagination to a whole other level. Whenever people are asked what they would do if they get a lot of money a common reply is ” I would travel the world.” It’s acceptable that to travel you need money but what if you are tied yo such responsibilities that would stick with you for your whole life? You cannot live and die in the same place without exploring the world, at least you should make an attempt to change things and start living for yourself. So in case you have a job that pays well but doesn’t give you a break, work till you have enough money and then leave it. More opportunities will definitely come to you. Moreover, if the money is sufficient to make a small trip but not a grand one then it’s okay, never let the opportunity slip away.


Practice saving your money. Don’t be a miser but if you really love travelling you will understand it. For instance, you need to buy a new car, now you have two options you could spend all your saved money on one lavish car (sports car for example) or you could buy a car that meets your need and spend the rest of the money on a short trip. Those who are enthusiastic about it always find a way.


You must have skills other than your job, it’s high time you bring them in use. If you are good at essay or content writing and somebody asks you to write their essay, do it. If you are good at designing or programming take small tasks as required. Freelancing is always a good option because it helps you widen your boundaries.


The best thing about travelling is it rescues you out of your routines (that is eat, work, sleep, repeat), routine sometimes can be lethal. And those who think a proper routine is all they want then I am pretty sure they haven’t tried adventurous at all. Travelling expose you to challenges, challenges that may change your life, make it upside down and turn you into a totally different person. How? You meet different people of different cultures, speaking different languages and dwelling with a completely different lifestyle, you learn and adapt from them in some way or the other. You meet new people make friends and once you travel after that you never really are at one place anymore.


Moreover, these experiences motivate you and helps you find some hidden facts about yourself. Be simple and act upon your reflexes, you don’t have to stay in luxurious hotels and enjoy fancy meals because you never learn about cultures from these places, it’s when you live among the people, amid their lifestyles then you know the diversity prevailing around the world. So a simple room meeting your basic need would do just as well.


Okay let us now discuss a number of ways prevailing these days that could assist you to travel and have no limits.


  • Through couch surfing you can get to know those people who are ready to give a bed in their home for free so you don’t have to spend money just for night stays at hotels. This is quite useful in expensive countries.


  • Points on your credit cards and other memberships could help you win free flights and free hotels, so keep an eye on such offers. Read guides for travel hacking to get more knowledge.


  • There are many people around the world who would pay you to come and work for them, on farms, mills, some work that require extra labor. Take advantage of such work trade opportunities.


Teaching languages overseas, getting jobs as au pair and travel guide can help you get out of your zone.

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