Iceland Travel: Why taking the Golden circle tour is a must

Iceland Travel: Why taking the Golden circle tour is a must

In recent times we have seen that Iceland has become a more and more popular destination for the tourists, sightseers and holidaymakers. Families who need some time off their regular days and duties plan on coming here and spending some quality time enjoying the nature, wild life and geology of Iceland.

At times it is just a flight taking a break flying from North America to Europe so that’s an unintentional visit and spending two weeks over there, either way there are many attractions and eye-warming places you need to experience

How satisfactory does it sound that you can take on all the popular and amazing eye warming scenes within 100 km? Well the Golden Circle is a loop which goes around 300 kilometers covering most of the amazing scenes in 100 km. This route takes you to the heartwarming sights in central Iceland and the chance to experience the best of Iceland in a short trip. There are many natural spots that might catch your attention. Especially the Icelandic horses.

The Golden Circle takes you around the three of the most popular natural spots which include Pingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss. The Golden Circle is a manmade loop. Iceland’s most famous waterfall known as The Gullfoss is a mighty double waterfall. It drops around thirty-two meters. Whenever the sun is out the mist causes the gleaming rainbow over it. Especially when you’re visiting in winters the falls shimmers ice.

Another eye warming sight is the hot water spurt known as and after which all the geysers are called. This great Geyser has been there for around eight-hundred years. At times the geyser struggles and the eruption is lessened which normally varies from fifty meter to sixty meter. But once it went up to 80 meter in air which was quite impressive. Beside the geyser is the Strokkur geyser which will hardly make you wait up for around five to ten minutes to experience it shooting the gushed water ten to fifteen meters high. Although both the geysers are free to be experienced but there are discussion going on to make it worth something.

Many tourists go on this road trip with a group and bunch of people which is quite nice but you lose a lot while doing so. What driving individually provides you is the independency to stop and stare to enjoy it all. With a personal car there are some problems but the satisfaction level is just           up to the mark. One of the main factor while driving on your own is that you must be having the budget to keep up. Since the gas is quite expensive which is over 7 US dollars. So it might make a difference in your wallet. If you are independent and can travel anytime of the world make it September and May since the car renting and other rents are quite low. Almost every tour company prefers this route to amaze the tourists.

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