SMS marketing is again moving over Google

SMS marketing is again moving over Google

The strategy followed in marketing is to attract the attention of the customers and reminding them of your brand without sounding too pushy or desperate. From past few decades, SMS marketing was the basic strategy followed by almost every businessman to become successful. No matter it proved to be quite highly productive. But with the passage of time the ease of accessing the social sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter took over the market strategy.

The concept of SMS marketing was faded, but recently some researchers have proved that to interact customers and offer immediate records that are guaranteed to be read, the best strategy to follow is to advertise through SMS. From the surveys, it is estimated that eighty-six percent of American citizens have cell phones and ninety-five percent of cellular telephones are SMS capable.  SMS is the handiest shape of marketing that a commercial enterprise should use. It is researched that text messages that ninety-seven percent and over eighty percent of SMS are opened inside four minutes of being obtained. Textual content message marketing is the manner of the destiny. It is very simple to apply, very effective, measurable and has a very high R.O.I. implementing an SMS advertising software is short and cheap priced. Companies will see nearly immediate consequences when they begin to utilize SMS advertising.

Reasons of the comeback of SMS marketing:

Due to the facts obtained from different surveys,  companies are moving over Google toward the SMS marketing again, and we can say that SMS marketing is taking its revenge from Google. Most of the industries. Key reasons are as follow:

98% SMS are always read:

One of the experts of digital advertising have said that nowadays people use the mobile phone more frequently as compared to the toilets yes this seem shocking, but this is true. Right now 6 billion people own and use a cell phone, and this is a huge number indeed. This is the primary reason for preferring the SMS marketing over Google. We can easily access these 6 billion for our marketing purposes. Not only this but the researchers have also proved that most of the people when to receive any text message opens it immediately so according to a rough analysis we can say that 90% of individuals quickly see your advertisement message.

Just think that what if from that 90 % who have received your Message 10% people visit your site and order something then it means that if that 10 % are 9000 people, then you have 900 views and 90 sales per day. Now, this is a significant achievement.


AS compared to the ads on Google SMS are quite short and straightforward. So people don’t have to spend more time on reading the details. Well, the writing style of the SMS matters a lot, for example, you can start the SMS with the client’s name and at the end do add opt-out option. Personalization will dramatically increase the achievement of your SMS marketing campaign.

SMS marketing is less expensive:

It is not free to send a text message, but as compared to run an advertisement on Google it’s quite cheap depending on the company you are choosing for the marketing. It’s a straight track capable method of promoting, so you can see your results in actual time.

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