How to travel world with carry-on luggage only

How to travel world with carry-on luggage only

Do you really like waiting at the airport and stations for your luggage to be clarified? Obviously, nobody likes that, moreover having to carry big bags is really painful and even thinking about it makes you weary and tired. Especially those who like to travel often should really read this article as it guides you about how can you cut down and downsize your luggage and travel with nothing but just carry-on luggage only. This will save your time and makes thing and check in and check out processes really easy.

Lightweight and straight is sexy:

Seeing people with loads of baggage tossed on them is not a pretty sight at all, they are bent on one picking up the other one, rummaging things and taking lots of time just to get one thing. On the contrary people who have everything ready and take seconds to take it out because they have not filled their bags with everything. Their things are proper and organized. These people always are inspiring and fascinating and have an air of sexy about them. Moreover, personally being light weight will let you enjoy your trip to the fullest as you can jump in for different adventures without worrying about safety of your luggage as it will be on you all the time.

How to make it possible:

If you are a frequent traveller, look around you and all the stuff that you own. You’ll find numerous things that have been lying around since forever, you don’t use them but you neither have the heart to give them away. This creates chaos in your life, your space and waste a lot of time just rummaging through stuff, being confused and deciding what to wear. So, first thing first, you need to do a clean parade in which get rid of all the things that you haven’t used forever and won’t be using in future as well. And then when you travel try to get all the soft items into your bag so that you have more space for everything and it is easy to carry that stuff.  The key to this is picking up the right bag.

What to do of all the hard stuff:

Now, obviously you’ll have a lot of stuff that is hard so in case your airline allows 1 personal bag and 1 hand carry. What you have to do is put all your gadgets (laptops, camera and other valuables) This bag can easily fit under your seat and won’t be a problem during your journey.

Pack Efficiently:

Prefer khakis over jeans. To save up space roll your clothes and then stuff them in bag this will reduce the surface area and help you fit in 30-40 clothes instead of just 10-12 piece of clothing in one bag.  Use of compression sacs and packing cubes is another way of packing up your stuff in a way that it takes less space and helps you store clothes in an efficient and organized manner.

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